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Cambridge University Russian Society (CURS) was originally founded in the early 1920s.
It was known as the Slavonic Society.
Our society is run and organised by an elected committee of students with an interest in Russia, its people, literature and culture.
We welcome non-Russian speakers, as most of our events are held in English or are bilingual.
Since 2016 there has been a tremendous change and a real renaissance for CURS. We were pleased to announce our redesigned membership cards, the release of our new website and Facebook page as well as numerous other exciting additions to the society like an official leather bound speakers book. CURS is now one of the most dynamic societies in Cambridge.
See you all at our events!


Everything you need to know to become a member.

Our Constitution

Every student society in Cambridge must have a constitution. This is our set of rules and principals.

Become A Member

Everyone is welcome to join CURS if you have an interest in Russian: people, literature, culture or just Russia itself.


Donations are important to keep any project running. CURS is a non-profit society so everything helps.

In 2017 We Raised & Donated

Our charity of choice was: A Charity Helping Children Beat Cancer


Just to name a few....

Great Guest Speakers

We aim to invite a number of guest speakers to give a talk on an interesting relevant topic.

College Formal Dinners

We organise formal dinners in various different colleges and occasionally do a swap with our friends from other societies.

Conversational Evenings

We meet weekly in a different pub around Cambridge to practice Russian with our friends studying the language or just to socialise.

Russian Cultural Events

We organise literature evenings to discuss our favourite Russian authors, poets and novelist. Sometimes these events are held in collaboration with other societies.

Musical Concerts

We organise Classical music concerts with world class musicians and performers.

Russian Film Nights

We meet weekly to watch Russian films in Russian with English subtitles.


Just some of the speakers we have had over the years…

If you know someone who would like to speak at our society please let us know!


A little something from us to you.

The Useful Freshers Guide

If you are joining Cambridge soon and you do not know anything about life here, this might be useful for you.

Cam-Russian Dictionary

When you come to Cambridge, you will discover that we have many unique words here.

Undergraduate Admissions

If you are starting an undergraduate course at Cambridge then this might be useful for you to read.

Graduate Admissions

If you would like to continue your next degree at Cambridge then this might be useful for you to read.


Elections are held annually at the end of the Michaelmas term. If you would like to be involved in organising further events then we encourage you to stand for a position on the committee! The following committee was elected on the 16th of November 2018.


Fedor Misyura

Responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Committee and the Society as a whole.

Fedor Misyura


Alexandra Tsylnitska

Supports the President at any time and replaces President when he/she is not available.

Alexandra Tsylnitska


Thais Warren

Organises and minutes meetings. Maintains effective records and administration. Sends Weekly Newsletter email.

Thais Warren


Aleksei Chizh

Keeps the Society financial accounts in order. Present at events to collect money. Responsible for new member fees.

Aleksei Chizh


Neil Kent

Manages the Treasurer accounts and paperwork. Annually communicates with the Junior Proctor to update them about finances.

Neil Kent

Senior Treasurer

Elena Pavlenko

Organises new events and connections within Cambridge. Books rooms, conversational evening pubs, formal hall swaps.

Elena Pavlenko

Events Officer

Margaret Fomenko

Organises new events and connections within Cambridge. Books rooms, conversational evening pubs, formal hall swaps.

Margaret Fomenko

Events Officer

James Wilson

Organises new events and connections within Cambridge. Books rooms, conversational evening pubs, formal hall swaps.

James Wilson

Events Officer

Andrei Popescu

Responsible for all cultural events such as musical concerts and poetry nights.

Andrei Popescu

Cultural Officer

Aleksei Komarov

Organises new Chto Gde Kogda evenings and competitions.

Aleksei Komarov

Chto Gde Kogda Officer

Aleksandr Montelli

Previously held positions of President & Vice President Consults the Society.

Aleksandr Montelli

Society Consultant

Dmitriy Dubovitskiy

Previously held positions on the committee. Consults the Society.

Dmitriy Dubovitskiy

Society Consultant

Ilya Burkov

Previously held positions of President & Vice President. Consults the Society.

Ilya Burkov

External Society Consultant

Travel Back In Time


We are proud to work with some of the most active societies and organisations promoting Russian culture, traditions and business. If you would like to work with us or run an event with us please send us an email.


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